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Racold Unveils Cutting-Edge Water Heaters: Elevate Your Bathing Experience with Omnis and Altro 2023 Series

Welcome to the next frontier of water heating innovation! Racold, a pioneer in home appliances, is proud to introduce the 2023 editions of the Omnis and Altro ranges of water heaters. Crafted with precision by renowned Italian designer Umberto Palermo, these new additions not only redefine aesthetics but also promise performance, efficiency, convenience, and control.

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In the world of kitchen appliances, aesthetics meet functionality, and Racold’s new Omnis range is the epitome of this fusion. Designed with a touch of Italian sophistication, the Omnis 2023 series offers premium storage geysers that go beyond the ordinary.

Omnis DG Wi-Fi: Mastering Convenience

The Omnis DG Wi-Fi is a masterpiece that redefines how we control our water heaters. Available in an elegant black color and capacities of 15 and 25 liters, this geyser introduces Voice Control, allowing users to interact with Alexa or Google Assistant for hands-free operation. Simply say, “Alexa, turn on the water heater” to experience unparalleled convenience.

But that’s not all. The artificial intelligence-based ECO functionality ensures reduced energy consumption without compromising on comfort. Real-time notifications and energy monitoring via the Racold Net app make this water heater a technological marvel.

Omnis DG: Technological Marvel for Superior Performance

For those seeking advanced technology without Wi-Fi integration, the Omnis DG stands as a testament to performance and safety. With capacities of 10, 15, and 25 liters, it offers a digital display with touch control and industry-first silver ion technology, preventing bacterial growth for consistently safe hot water.

The microprocessor in Omnis DG introduces auto-power-off and auto-diagnosis functionalities, providing unmatched safety and user convenience. Set a timer for auto-off or let the water heater diagnose its own performance for worry-free usage.

Omnis R: Prioritizing Safety and Durability

Safety takes center stage with the Omnis R series, available in Charming Grey and Premium White colors and capacities of 10, 15, and 25 liters. The Children Care Mode ensures safety for young ones, and the Titanium Plus Technology offers unmatched durability and tank protection against corrosion in hard water conditions. With the Safety+ feature providing three layers of protection and Flexomix for a consistent supply of hot water, Omnis R is engineered for performance.

Altro 2023: Stylish Instant Geysers for Quick Heating

As we transition to the Altro 2023 series, Racold presents a new age of stylish instant geysers designed for faster water heating.

Altro i+: Premium Instant Geyser

Available in elegant gray side rings with capacities of 3 and 6 liters, the Altro i+ sets the standard for premium instant geysers. Its intuitive smart LED ring informs users when hot water is ready, and the customized application offers kitchen and bath modes for added convenience.

The 6-liter variant introduces Duronox technology for protection against hard water, extending the product’s life. The 3-liter model excels at faster heating with two heating power options of 3 kW and 4.5 kW.

Altro i: Italian Masterpiece for Instant Gratification

For those seeking instant water heating in style, the Altro i series offers capacities of 1 and 3 liters in Grey and Blue (exclusive to the 3-liter variant). The swirl wave design, dual LED indicators, high pressure resistance, and anti-siphon system make this release a masterpiece in design and functionality.

Altro i DN: Advanced Performance in Hard Water Conditions

Specifically engineered for hard water conditions, the Altro i DN introduces the latest model in a grey color ring option with a capacity of 3 liters. With Duronox technology and SS#316L for superior performance and durability, this water heater offers Safety Plus features, faster heating, anode for extended life, high pressure resistance for high-rise buildings, and dual LED indicators for enhanced visibility.

The Future of Water Heating with Racold

In conclusion, Racold’s commitment to excellence shines through in the 2023 editions of the Omnis and Altro water heater ranges. It transcends the conventional notion of water heaters, offering an experience marked by Italian design sophistication, cutting-edge technology, and features that prioritize comfort and safety.

Racold’s journey unfolds with a legacy of innovation, setting benchmarks through continuous research and development. The infusion of Italian design elegance distinguishes Racold’s products, elevating the visual appeal of home appliances. The Omnis and Altro ranges epitomize the brand’s commitment to anticipating and addressing evolving consumer needs, solidifying Racold’s position as a market leader.

As part of the Ariston Group-Italy, Racold continues to lead in energy efficiency, garnering the BEE award 10 times and being recognized as a Superbrand for multiple years. The Ariston Group, a global leader in sustainable hot water and space heating solutions, operates in 43 countries with over 10,000 employees. Committed to sustainability and innovation, Ariston Group’s diverse portfolio includes brands like Ariston, ELCO, Wolf, Calorex, NTI, HTP, Chaffoteaux, ATAG, Brink, Chromagen, Racold, Thermowatt, and Ecoflam. Listed on Euronext Milan since November 2021, Ariston Group embodies excellence in thermal comfort and energy efficiency on a global scale.

About Racold: Racold, a trusted brand for over 60 years, is a fully owned subsidiary of the Ariston Group-Italy, a global leader in water and environmental heating solutions. Racold sets industry benchmarks for energy efficiency and has been honored with the BEE award 10 times. Recognized as a Superbrand for 2019, 2021, and 2023, Racold continues to lead in quality, safety, durability, and performance.

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