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KENT Ultra Storage UV Water Purifier UV+UF Water Purification

The KENT Ultra Storage water purifier offers a robust solution for households seeking reliable access to clean drinking water. Its dual UV and UF purification system, with an 11W UV lamp and a high 60 liters per hour purification rate, ensures 100% germ-free water. The 8-liter storage capacity caters to larger families or continuous water needs.

The purifier’s user-friendly features, including change filter indicators and UV change alarms, ensure timely maintenance for optimal performance. Constructed from durable ABS food-grade plastic, it maintains water quality and prevents leakages.

However, considerations include its 14.86-pound weight and potentially excessive purification rate for smaller households. Despite these, the KENT Ultra Storage’s efficiency, high capacity, and dependable purification make it a solid choice, backed by Kent RO System’s extensive service network, ensuring lasting reliability.

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The assurance of after-sales service further elevates the product’s appeal. KENT’s extensive service network comprising over 1500 centers across India promises prompt and efficient support, bolstering customer confidence in the product’s long-term usability.

6. KENT Ultra Storage UV Water Purifier


  • Capacity: 8 liters
  • Purification Process: UV + UF
  • UV Lamp Power: 11W
  • Purification Capacity: 60 liters per hour
  • Construction Material: ABS Food Grade Plastic
  • Special Features: Change Filter Indicator, UV Change Alarm
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Dimensions: 38L x 32W x 50H cm
  • Weight: 14.86 pounds (6.74 kg
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Item Part Number: KA1352019017
  • Lower Temperature Rating: 77 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Upper Temperature Rating: 10 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 27 Gallons Per Minute


Purification Process (UV + UF)

This water purifier utilizes a dual purification system involving Ultraviolet (UV) and Ultrafiltration (UF) technologies. The UV treatment effectively neutralizes and eliminates bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, ensuring the water is free from harmful contaminants. The subsequent UF membrane filtration acts as a barrier, further refining the water by removing fine particles and cysts, ultimately delivering 100% pure and safe drinking water.

11W High Power UV Lamp

The inclusion of an 11W high-power UV lamp ensures efficient disinfection of water by deactivating a broad spectrum of microorganisms. This lamp’s potency is instrumental in making the water safe for consumption, promising a consistent supply of clean and germ-free water.

Purification Capacity and Storage

With a purification capacity of 60 liters per hour, this purifier efficiently processes water, making it suitable for larger households or situations requiring a continuous supply of purified water. The substantial storage capacity of 8 liters ensures that a ready-to-drink reservoir of purified water is always available, reducing the wait time between filtration cycles.

Change Filter Indicator and UV Change Alarm

The purifier’s computer-controlled operation includes essential features like the filter change indicator and UV change alarm. These prompts serve as timely reminders, signaling when it’s time for maintenance, such as replacing the filter or UV lamp. This proactive system ensures optimal performance and longevity of the purification system.

ABS Food Grade Plastic Construction

Crafted from ABS food-grade plastic, the water purifier maintains the quality of the purified water while enhancing durability. The push-fit design not only preserves the water’s quality but also prevents leakages, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting system.

Power Source and Dimensions

The water purifier operates on corded electric power, providing a consistent and reliable energy source for its functionalities. With dimensions measuring 38L x 32W x 50H cm, the unit is designed to be compact yet accommodating, suitable for wall-mounting to save space.

Manufacturer and Service Network

Manufactured by Kent RO System in India, this purifier benefits from a PAN India Service Network comprising over 1500 service centers. This extensive network ensures prompt and efficient after-sales service, enhancing user experience and product reliability.

These features collectively position the KENT Ultra Storage water purifier as a dependable and efficient solution for households seeking consistently pure and safe drinking water with convenience and reliability.

Design and Dimensions

The KENT Ultra Storage water purifier has a sleek and functional design that seamlessly integrates into modern household settings. Its dimensions, measuring 38 centimeters in length, 32 centimeters in width, and 50 centimeters in height, strike a balance between compactness and adequate capacity. This thoughtful sizing allows for convenient wall-mounting, saving valuable floor space in kitchens or utility areas.

Its ergonomic design emphasizes user convenience, featuring a wall-mountable structure that ensures easy accessibility for routine maintenance tasks like filter replacement or UV lamp changes. The compact form factor and the push-fit design contribute to its space-saving attributes while maintaining a robust and durable build.

Constructed using ABS food-grade plastic, the purifier not only ensures the purity of the dispensed water but also underscores durability and reliability. This material choice adheres to quality standards, preventing water contamination and guaranteeing longevity.

The unit’s design also incorporates a water level indicator in the storage tank, enabling users to conveniently monitor the available purified water at a glance. This user-friendly feature adds to the overall convenience of the purifier, ensuring a seamless experience in managing and utilizing the stored water.


The KENT Ultra Storage water purifier stands as a compelling choice for households seeking a reliable and efficient solution for clean drinking water. Its amalgamation of UV and UF purification technologies ensures 100% germ-free water, addressing concerns about contaminants like bacteria and viruses.

Moving ahead, the inclusion of features like the change filter indicator, UV change alarm, and ABS food-grade plastic construction reflects its commitment to user convenience, durability, and maintaining water quality. The compact design and wall-mountable structure cater to space-saving needs, adding practicality to its functionality.

Furthermore, backed by Kent RO System’s extensive service network with over 1500 service centers across India, the assurance of prompt and efficient after-sales support enhances the product’s reliability and longevity.

While considering its limitations, the KENT Ultra Storage water purifier remains a strong contender in providing consistent access to safe and pure drinking water for households. Its robust features, combined with reliability and comprehensive after-sales service, make it a worthwhile investment, particularly for larger families or those seeking a dependable water purification solution.

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