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KENT Gold Optima Gravity Water Purifier

Curious if a water purifier could do more than just purify? Buckle up for a closer look at the KENT Gold Optima Gravity Water Purifier – not your average appliance. This isn’t just about clean water; it’s about infusing elegance into every drop. Join us as we uncover the features that elevate this purifier from a mere necessity to a style statement, catering to those who crave both functionality and flair. Ready for a refreshing twist on water purifiers? Let’s dive in.

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1. KENT Gold Optima Gravity Water Purifier (11016)


  • Brand: KENT
  • Model: Gold Optima
  • Type: Gravity Water Purifier
  • Installation: Countertop
  • Material: ABS Food Grade Plastic
  • Color: Aqua Blue
  • Dimensions: 280 x 230 x 385 mm
  • Capacity: 10 litres (5L raw water, 5L purified water)
  • Filtration Capacity: 0.31 litres per minute
  • Purification Method: Ultra Filtration (UF) Technology
  • UF Membrane: 0.1 Microns Hollow Fiber Hydrophilic UF Membrane
  • Tank Material: Unbreakable ABS food-grade plastic
  • Chemical-Free Purification: No chlorine, bromine, or iodine
  • Temperature Range: 10°C to 35°C
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


Gravity-Based Water Purification

In the pursuit of a reliable and eco-friendly water purification solution, the KENT Gold Optima stands out with its gravity-based system. By eliminating the dependence on electricity or chemical agents, this purifier ensures a consistent and sustainable water purification process, making it particularly well-suited for areas grappling with intermittent power supply.

Ultra Filtration Technology

At the heart of its advanced purification capabilities lies the Ultra Filtration (UF) technology. The KENT Gold Optima employs a 0.1-micron Hollow Fiber Hydrophilic UF Membrane, effectively becoming a stalwart guardian against impurities and microorganisms in the water. This cutting-edge filtration method guarantees the delivery of clean and safe drinking water.

Chemical-Free Purification

Distinguished by its commitment to health, the KENT Gold Optima champions a chemical-free purification process. By eschewing the use of chlorine, bromine, or iodine, this water purifier ensures that every sip remains free from any chemical residues. The result is not just pure water but a taste that is both refreshing and untainted.

10-Litre Storage Capacity

With an ample 10-litre storage capacity, the KENT Gold Optima is designed for convenience and practicality. Its clever compartmentalization allows for separate storage of raw and purified water. The transparent tank, crafted from unbreakable ABS food-grade plastic, provides a clear view, empowering users to effortlessly monitor water levels with ease.

Nano-Silver Carbon Disinfection

In the pursuit of heightened water disinfection, the KENT Gold Optima integrates nano-silver carbon into its repertoire. This cutting-edge technology plays a pivotal role in elevating the purity of water, contributing significantly to the overall safety and integrity of the drinking water supply.

Easy Maintenance and Monitoring

Ease of maintenance is a hallmark of the KENT Gold Optima. A well-defined schedule simplifies the process – the UF filter, the stalwart defender, necessitates replacement after processing 4000 litres or six months. Meanwhile, the sediment and carbon filters demand attention every three months, ensuring a hassle-free maintenance routine that users can rely on. This not only guarantees optimal performance but also extends the longevity of the water purifier, affirming its status as a reliable companion in the quest for clean and refreshing hydration.

Design and Dimension

Sleek Design: The KENT Gold Optima not only works great but also looks good. Its small size fits well on your kitchen counter, and the Aqua Blue color adds a nice touch. It’s like having a reliable water purifier that’s also a stylish addition to your kitchen.

Compact Size: The KENT Gold Optima is designed to be just the right size. It’s not too big, measuring 280 x 230 x 385 mm when put together. So, it won’t take up too much space on your counter. Even though it’s small, it can hold a good amount of water – 10 liters, to be exact. Perfect for keeping you and your family hydrated without taking up too much room.

See-Through Tank: The water purifier has a see-through tank made of strong plastic. This means you can easily see how much water is inside. It’s like having a window to see the purifying magic happening. And because it’s tough plastic, you don’t have to worry about it breaking easily.

Easy to Set Up: Putting it all together is a breeze. The different parts, like the bottom tank, top tank, middle partition, and top lid, fit together easily. No complicated instructions or confusing pieces. Just a simple setup to get you started on having clean and tasty water.


In the crowded market of water purifiers, the KENT Gold Optima Gravity Water Purifier stands out with its gravity-based purification and Ultra Filtration Technology. The chemical-free process adds a health-conscious touch.

While the design is elegant and compact, the 10-litre capacity might be a consideration for smaller spaces. The transparent tank offers practicality but requires regular replacements for filters. In essence, the KENT Gold Optima combines functionality with style, though user suitability may vary based on specific needs.

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