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HUL Pureit Copper + Mineral RO + UV + MF Water Purifier Review

Entering into the realm of water purifiers, the HUL Pureit Copper + Mineral RO + UV + MF Water Purifier seems to hold the promise of something intriguing.

As with any new addition to our daily lives, there’s an air of curiosity – a balanced mix of anticipation and skepticism. Will it deliver on its claims? Will it truly enhance the taste of water while ensuring safety?

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Join me in unraveling the mysteries and discovering the real-world performance of this innovative water purifier. Let’s navigate through its features, specifications, and overall user experience to unveil whether it lives up to the expectations or presents unexpected surprises along the way.

8. HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF Water Purifier


  • Brand: HUL Pureit
  • Model: Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF
  • Special Feature: RO, RO+
  • Capacity: 8 litres
  • Purification Method: Ultraviolet, Sedimentation
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Installation: Free installation provided by the brand
  • Copper Charge Technology: Real-time infusion of 99.8% pure copper
  • TDS Compatibility: Up to 2000 ppm
  • Warranty: 1 year on the product
  • Color: Black and Copper
  • Power: 60 watts
  • Input Water Temperature: 10°C to 40°C
  • Operative Input Voltage: 100 – 300V ac; 50Hz


Copper Charge Technology

Delving into the forefront of water purification, this system incorporates the groundbreaking Copper Charge Technology™. It ingeniously enriches RO purified water with an extraordinary 99.8% pure copper, seamlessly incorporating Ayurvedic health benefits.

Advanced 7-Stage Purification

Building upon this innovation, the purification journey unfolds through an Advanced 7-Stage Purification process. Integrating RO+UV+MF technologies, the outcome is water that’s not only 100% safe but also a sensory delight, free from harmful bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, or chemicals.

Dual Water Dispensing

As we explore further, the convenience deepens with Dual Water Dispensing. This feature empowers you to effortlessly choose between regular RO water and copper-charged RO water at your fingertips. Beyond mere convenience, it beckons a health-conscious habit—savoring copper-infused water known to fortify immunity and enhance overall well-being.

Precise Copper Dosing

In the realm of precision, the system seamlessly infuses the right amount of copper into every glass of water. This practice isn’t just about hydration; it’s a conscious choice for health, meeting approximately 30% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for copper in adults.

Intelligent Copper Auto-Cleaning

Synchronizing with this precision, the system employs Intelligent Copper Auto-Cleaning. It autonomously senses and schedules copper auto-cleaning, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh copper infusion and maintaining the purity of each sip.

Large Storage Capacity

Practicality comes to the forefront with a large storage tank boasting 8 liters. This ensures uninterrupted access to safe and sweet water, even during power failures, seamlessly blending innovation with reliability.

Smartsense Indicators

As we look ahead, foresight becomes paramount with Smartsense Indicators. Offering an advanced heads-up 15 days before the filter expires, it serves as a seamless transition to the Auto Shut Off feature—a failsafe mechanism that halts water supply if the filter isn’t changed, providing a 100% assurance of continued safety and sweetness in every sip.

Design and Dimension

Crafted for both aesthetic appeal and functionality, the design of the HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF Water Purifier effortlessly merges modernity with efficiency. The striking Black & Copper color scheme not only adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen but also complements contemporary interiors.

Compact in size with dimensions measuring 14.2L x 13.8W x 17.6H Centimeters, this water purifier offers versatile placement options. Whether you choose to mount it on the wall or place it on a tabletop, its space-saving design ensures seamless integration into your living space.

The thoughtful dimensions not only contribute to its visual appeal but also enhance user convenience. The water purifier’s compact form ensures it doesn’t dominate your kitchen space while still accommodating a sizable 8-liter storage tank, providing ample water supply without compromising on style or efficiency. It’s a harmonious blend of design and practicality, catering to both aesthetic preferences and the need for a reliable water purification system.


In conclusion, the HUL Pureit Copper + Mineral RO + UV + MF Water Purifier is a testament to advanced water purification technology. With the innovative Copper Charge Technology™, it seamlessly integrates Ayurvedic health benefits into every sip by infusing RO purified water with 99.8% pure copper. The journey continues through an Advanced 7-Stage Purification process, offering not just safety but also a sensory delight.

Features like Dual Water Dispensing and Precise Copper Dosing provide convenience while promoting a health-conscious lifestyle. Intelligent Copper Auto-Cleaning and a Large Storage Capacity further enhance the user experience, ensuring a continuous supply of safe and sweet water, even during power failures. With Smartsense Indicators providing foresight, the purifier stands as a reliable and innovative solution for health-conscious individuals.

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