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10 Best Ceiling Fan in India 2024 – Reviews

As the Indian summer approaches with its relentless heat, the quest for the ideal cooling solution becomes paramount. In the search for the best ceiling fan in India, one that not only offers effective cooling but also aligns with your budget and preferences, we embark on a journey through the top players in the market.

In this exploration, we delve into the cooling arsenal of renowned brands such as Atomberg, Havells, Crompton, and Orient. Whether you’re eyeing the best ceiling fan under 5000 or a pocket-friendly option under 1500, our insights have you covered.

Are you curious about the best ceiling fan under 2000, or perhaps desiring the convenience of a remote-controlled cooling companion? Maybe you’re exploring options with noise-efficient features or those boasting a comfortable 1200mm size? Join us on this quest as we unravel the cooling champions in the diverse landscape of the Indian fan market.

In the realm of cooling options, where ACs and coolers grab headlines, we’re here to unravel the best ceiling fan secrets. Atomberg brings innovation, while Havells boasts timeless designs. Get ready to discover the ultimate cooling solution for your home, ensuring comfort in the sweltering heat.

Best Ceiling Fan in India 2024

1. Atomberg Renesa 1200mm BLDC Motor 5 Star Rated Ceiling Fan with Remote

1. atomberg Renesa 1200mm BLDC Motor 5 Star Rated  Ceiling Fan with Remote

In the Indian ceiling fan market of 2024, the Atomberg Renesa stands tall as the best choice, a testament to its trusted brand status. Featuring an energy-efficient BLDC motor, it delivers superior air circulation at a minimal 28W power consumption, earning a 5-star energy rating with up to 65% savings. The Smart IR Remote adds convenience, allowing easy control and customization. Its sleek design in midnight black enhances decor, with an optional LED light kit for added modernity.

Crafted for durability with a 48-inch blade length, it’s suitable for various room sizes. Easy installation and a 2+1 year warranty underscore Atomberg’s commitment to quality. In 2024, the Atomberg Renesa isn’t just a ceiling fan; it’s a lifestyle upgrade, offering the best in comfort, efficiency, and style. Trust in Atomberg for an unparalleled cooling experience.

Energy-efficient BLDC motorRemote control could be more user-friendly
5-star energy rating, up to 65% energy savingLight kit sold separately
Excellent air delivery at all speeds
Sleek and modern design with midnight black finish
Convenient remote control with various features
Easy installation with clear instructions
2+1 year warranty for peace of mind
Consistent speed even at low voltage

What Customers Say About This Ceiling Fan

Ever wondered what sets a ceiling fan apart as a lifestyle upgrade? Meet the Atomberg Renesa, the 2024 standout in the Indian market. This trusted brand seamlessly combines innovation with elegance.

Users love the Renesa for its intuitive remote control, sleek design, and remarkable 28-watt energy efficiency. It’s not just a fan; it’s a symbol of reliability, maintaining airflow during power outages and voltage fluctuations.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can experience the extraordinary comfort and style of the Renesa? It’s more than a fan; it’s a raved-about lifestyle choice.

Our Verdict

For those seeking a reliable and cost-effective cooling solution, the Atomberg Renesa 1200mm Ceiling Fan is a clear winner. Despite minor drawbacks like the remote control not being the most user-friendly and the separate purchase of the light kit, its energy-efficient BLDC motor, sleek design, and convenient features outweigh these concerns. Backed by positive customer feedback and a solid warranty, the Atomberg Renesa proves to be the best ceiling fan in India 2024.

2. Orient Electric Apex-FX Ceiling Fan 1200mm

2. Orient Electric Apex-FX Ceiling Fan 1200mm

Next up is the Orient Electric Apex-FX, a budget-friendly option featuring a powerful motor for efficient cooling, galvanized blades for easy maintenance, and double ball bearing technology for enhanced durability. With a compact, modern design available in colors like blue, brown, and smoke brown, it adds style to any room. The fan’s sturdiness, easy cleaning, and commendable build quality make it a practical and affordable choice.

Powerful airflow at all speedsNoticeable noise level, especially at higher speeds
350 RPM maximum speedBulky and unattractive light kit (sold separately)
BEE 5-star rating for efficiency
Compact and modern design
Sturdy and easy-to-clean blades
Galvanized blades resist corrosion
Easy maintenance and longevity
Affordable pricing

What Customers Say about this Ceiling Fan

Customers love the Orient Electric Apex-FX for being a solid option within their budget, offering a great balance of affordability, easy setup, and top-notch quality. Many praise its cost-effectiveness, high quality, and attractive design. Users rave about its performance, noting how efficiently it cools with satisfying airflow. Positive comments also come in about its durability, packaging, and overall aesthetic appeal.

Our Verdict

The Orient Electric Apex-FX Ceiling Fan is a strong and affordable choice if you want effective cooling at home. It performs well and lasts long, but keep in mind it can be a bit noisy. If you really want powerful airflow and don’t mind the noise, go for the Apex-FX. However, if you prefer a quieter fan with a sleek design and are open to exploring other models around the 2000 rupees range, you might find options that better suit your preferences.

3. Atomberg Efficio Alpha 1200mm BLDC Motor Ceiling Fans with Remote Control

3. atomberg Efficio Alpha 1200mm BLDC Motor 5 Star Rated Classic Ceiling Fans with Remote Control

At the third spot, we have the Atomberg Efficio Alpha, a ceiling fan that redefines standards with its cutting-edge features. The energy-efficient BLDC motor ensures serene operation and remarkable energy savings, making it an economical and eco-friendly cooling solution.

In our experience, the fan consistently impressed in a medium-sized room. The Smart IR Remote adds convenience with effortless control over fan speed, timers, and special modes like boost and sleep. A standout feature is the fan’s resilience in voltage fluctuations, maintaining a steadfast speed between 165V to 285V, shining especially during power outages.

Beyond performance, the Efficio Alpha offers a range of colors, but the captivating black variant caught our eye, seamlessly integrating with any decor, exuding timeless elegance.

Energy Efficient BLDC motor (5-star)Remote control buttons are small and closely spaced
Excellent performance in medium roomsNo built-in light kit
Convenient Smart IR remote
Easy installation with clear instructions
Stylish design with sleek black blades

What Customers Say about this Ceiling Fan

Customers appreciate the appearance and efficiency of the Efficio Alpha, praising its sleek look and excellent finish. Positive remarks are made about the quality and speed, making it an appealing choice for many. However, some users have differing opinions on the remote control, mentioning limited range issues and performance concerns. The fan comes in ivory, brown, black, and white, but the black variant stands out and is preferred by customers and us alike for its timeless elegance.

Our Verdict

If you prioritize a stylish and energy-efficient ceiling fan with consistent performance, the Atomberg Efficio Alpha is a solid choice. The Smart IR Remote adds convenience, but be mindful of its limited range. Opt for the black variant for its timeless elegance.

4. Crompton SUREBREEZE SEA SAPPHIRA 48 inch Ceiling Fan

4. Crompton SUREBREEZE SEA SAPPHIRA 1200 mm (48 inch) Ceiling Fan (Lustre Brown) 1 Star

The Crompton SUREBREEZE SEA SAPPHIRA positions itself as a high-performance ceiling fan with features like corrosion-resistant construction, powder-coated blades, and a 100% copper motor for stability, all within an energy-efficient design. Yet, my real-world encounter revealed a different story.

The promised corrosion resistance doesn’t negate worries about the fan’s overall build quality, as the plastic components feel notably flimsy. The fan’s persistent wobbling at all speeds raises concerns about its long-term stability, and the initially appealing lustre brown finish tends to appear more plasticky than luxurious up close.

Despite its advertised features, the fan falls short of expectations, raising concerns about its reliability and effectiveness as a ceiling fan. This discrepancy between promises and performance hampers the overall user experience. However, considering the price, it may still be deemed acceptable for those prioritizing budget-friendly options.

High Velocity designNoisy operation
Corrosion-resistant performance
Powder-coated blades for aesthetics
100% copper motor
Double ball bearings for stability

What Customers Say about this Ceiling Fan

Customers appreciate the fan’s lightweight build and sleek design, finding it well-suited for small rooms and offering good value for money. While there is consistent feedback about a grinding noise during rotation, it’s worth noting that many users mention the noise is not overwhelmingly noticeable. Despite this minor acoustic concern, the fan remains a practical choice for those looking for an affordable and space-efficient ceiling fan.

Our Verdict

We recommend the Crompton SUREBREEZE SEA SAPPHIRA for those operating on a budget under 1500 rupees, as it offers practical features and affordability within this price range. Its sleek design and lightweight build make it suitable for small rooms, and despite some reported noise concerns, many users find it tolerable.

5. Bajaj Frore Ceiling Fan for Home

5. Bajaj Frore 1200 mm (48") Star Rated Ceiling Fans for Home

The Bajaj Frore 1200mm ceiling fan presents a timeless design with three brown blades, seamlessly complementing various decors. Its rust-free coating enhances durability, specifically tailored for humid environments. Despite its BEE 1-star rating promising decent energy savings, it falls short of being the most energy-efficient model in its category. Operating at 52 Watts, it maintains a manageable power consumption level. The included button control box simplifies operation, though the absence of a remote control may be a drawback for some users.

Weighing in at around 3 kilograms, the fan’s lightweight build and straightforward installation cater to DIY novices. The brown color and ribbed blades contribute to an aesthetically pleasing design. Measuring at 18.6D x 13.7W x 69.6H centimeters, it fits well into various room sizes. With a quick 390 RPM speed, the fan ensures a prompt and instant air feel. The wider tip blades promote maximum comfort, improved air spread, and efficient air delivery.

Considering its price point around 1300 rupees, the Bajaj Frore 1200mm ceiling fan is particularly suitable for those seeking an affordable option without compromising on performance. Its dimensions and weight make it adaptable for various room types, making it an ideal choice for individuals in search of reliable and budget-friendly ceiling fans under 1500 rupees.

2-year warranty provides peace of mindStruggles in larger spaces
Three speed settings for flexibilitySlight hum at higher speeds
Whisper-quiet at lower speedsNot the most energy-efficient
Classic design blends with most decorsNo remote control
Rust-free coating for durability
Easy installation with clear instructions

What Customers Say about this Ceiling Fan

Users find a lot to love about the Bajaj Frore 1200mm ceiling fan. They consistently express satisfaction with its sleek appearance, noting its excellent value for money and overall quality. The fan earns high praise for its ability to throw air effectively, ensuring a comfortable ambiance. However, when it comes to speed and air flow, opinions are varied, showcasing the diverse experiences of different users. Despite the differing views on these aspects, the general sentiment remains positive

Our Verdict

The Bajaj Frore 1200mm ceiling fan strikes a good balance between cost and performance. It delivers decent air circulation, energy efficiency, and affordability. While not the top-tier in energy efficiency, its enduring design, rust-resistant coating, and easy installation make it a reliable choice for budget-conscious buyers. Consider it if you prefer straightforward operation without a remote, and appreciate its adaptability to different speed and airflow preferences. Overall, it’s a solid and practical option in its price range.

6. Crompton Energion Hyperjet 1200mm BLDC Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

6. Crompton Energion Hyperjet 1200mm BLDC Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

The Crompton Energion Hyperjet stands out with ActivBLDC Technology and a BEE 5-star rating, ensuring energy efficiency and substantial electricity savings. Delivering superior air at 220 CMM and 340 RPM, it effectively cools large rooms. The point-anywhere remote, contemporary design, and powder-coated anti-rust blades enhance its appeal.

Sturdy construction and a sleek brown finish elevate its aesthetic, though regular cleaning is advised. With dimensions of 57.6D x 24.6W x 21.4H cm, it suits bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms, adding both functionality and style to any space. The fan’s modern design and durable build make it a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to diverse room settings.

Impressive air deliverySlight wobbling at high speeds
Energy-efficient with BEE 5-star ratingBrown finish shows dust and fingerprints
Whisper-quiet operation at lower speeds
Sleek and modern design
Point-anywhere remote control
Additional features like sleep mode and timer

What Customers Say About This Ceiling Fan

Opinions on the Crompton Energion Hyperjet vary. Users appreciate its energy efficiency and high-speed technology but note occasional functionality issues and concerns with customer service. The remote control’s performance and noise levels are areas of contention.

Our Verdict

While the Crompton Energion Hyperjet is a solid choice, our preference leans towards Atomberg for its superior features and overall performance. We recommend considering Atomberg for an advanced and satisfying ceiling fan experience.

7. Havells Ambrose Decorative Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

7. Havells Ambrose Decorative BLDC 1200mm Energy Saving with Remote Control 5 Star Ceiling Fan

The Havells Ambrose Decorative BLDC 1200mm ceiling fan seamlessly blends style and efficiency with a captivating gold mist wood finish. Its whisper-quiet BLDC motor ensures excellent air circulation, even at lower speeds. With a 5-star energy rating, this fan offers significant electricity savings. The included remote control adds convenience with advanced features like memory settings and timers.

Crafted for both functionality and aesthetics, the fan’s robust build and wider blades contribute to efficient air circulation, making it suitable for various room types. In terms of performance, the Havells Ambrose creates a serene environment with its gentle operation.

Whether in dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, halls, or office rooms, its dimensions of 55.5D x 35.5W x 20.4H centimeters make it an ideal fit. The ceiling mount and aluminum construction ensure durability and easy installation, underscoring its user-friendly design. The Havells Ambrose Decorative BLDC 1200mm offers a perfect blend of style and performance for a comfortable living space.

1. Stunning gold mist wood finish1. Slight wobbling at very high speeds
2. Sleek and modern design2. Remote control buttons could be larger and spaced out
3. Wider blades for better air delivery3. Gold mist wood finish shows dust and fingerprints
4. Whisper-quiet BLDC motor
5. 5-star energy rating for significant savings
6. Convenient remote control with advanced features

What Customers Say About This Ceiling Fan

The Havells Ambrose Decorative BLDC 1200mm has garnered praise from customers, who laud its impeccable quality, seamless air circulation, and alluring aesthetics. Users extol the fan’s deployment of high-quality materials, applauding its outstanding performance and chic design. The consensus among customers underscores both the fan’s value for money and its straightforward installation process, adding to its allure.

Our Verdict

The Havells Ambrose Decorative BLDC 1200mm, positioned as a high-end fan, boasts a premium price tag. Its exceptional design further underscores its luxurious appeal, making it a standout choice for those willing to invest in both style and performance.

8. Atomberg Renesa+ Ceiling Fan with Remote Control 

8. atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm BLDC Motor Ceiling Fans with Remote Control

The Atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm ceiling fan is a premium choice that seamlessly blends sophisticated design with high-performance features. Anchored by an energy-efficient Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor, it operates quietly and delivers significant energy savings with its 5-star energy rating, consuming only 28W at its highest speed.

The Smart IR Remote adds convenience, allowing users to effortlessly control fan speed, set timers, and activate special modes like boost and sleep. LED indicators for each speed setting enhance the user experience.

Crafted for durability and aesthetics, the fan features robust aluminium blades, ensuring longevity and easy maintenance. Its sleek and modern design, highlighted by sand grey blades with a metallic glossy finish, adds an elegant touch to any room, becoming a premium element in the overall room design.

Despite its higher price point, the Atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm justifies its cost through cutting-edge technology, stylish design, and superior performance. It not only cools effectively but also enhances the ambiance, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a premium and efficient ceiling fan.

Energy-efficient BLDC motorSlightly small buttons on the remote
Significant energy savings (up to 65%)
Whisper-quiet operation
Smart features with remote control
LED indicators for speed settings
Boost mode and sleep mode
2+1 year warranty for peace of mind

What Customers Say About This Ceiling Fan

Customers overwhelmingly express satisfaction with the Atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm ceiling fan, highlighting its positive impact on both design and performance. The modern aesthetic of the fan, particularly the praised LED lights contributing to a contemporary look, resonates well with users. Many customers find the design to be a standout feature, enhancing the overall ambiance of their rooms.

In terms of performance, the fan receives acclaim for its whisper-quiet operation and commendable energy efficiency. Users appreciate the fan’s ability to cover a large area with a comfortable breeze, contributing to a pleasant and well-ventilated living space.

Our Verdict

The Atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm ceiling fan stands out as a premium choice, offering efficient performance and a sleek design. Despite minor drawbacks, its energy-efficient BLDC motor and smart features, including LED indicators, boost mode, and sleep mode, make it a valuable investment for enhanced comfort and energy savings. In comparison, the Atomberg Renesa shares the same 1200mm BLDC design and 5-star energy rating but lacks some of the advanced features present in the Renesa+. While the Renesa provides a wider range of color options, a 2+1-year warranty, and a more budget-friendly alternative, the Renesa+ justifies its slightly higher price with additional functionalities and an extended 2+1 year warranty, offering flexibility to accommodate different preferences and priorities.

9. LUMINOUS Morpheus High Speed Ceiling Fan

9. LUMINOUS Morpheus Ceiling Fan (Brown)

As we approach the conclusion of our top 10 ceiling fans list, the LUMINOUS Morpheus 1200mm secures the ninth position with its compelling features and technical prowess. Boasting a captivating brown finish and modern design, this fan combines aesthetics with functionality seamlessly.

With dimensions of 23D x 53.5W x 31.8H centimeters, it caters to various room sizes. The fan’s performance is notable, delivering a robust breeze at high speed and commendable air delivery at lower speeds, ensuring it meets the demands of daily use. The ease of installation, coupled with a pristine white body adorned with gold trim detailing and a metallic finish, adds to its visual allure.

From a technical standpoint, the LUMINOUS Morpheus 1200mm incorporates a powerful motor with a 52 Watts power consumption at high speed. The design includes downrod mounting, contributing to its versatility across different spaces. The fan’s operational experience is enhanced by a gentle hum, creating a refreshing ambiance during use. As a budget-friendly option, it not only stands out in terms of aesthetics but also excels in technical performance, making it a valuable addition to our list.

Charming brown finishHigh power consumption at high speed
Simple and modern designIncreased noise at high speed
Good air delivery at lower speedsLack of remote control option
High-speed setting is effective

What Customers Say About This Ceiling Fan:

Customers appreciate the LUMINOUS Morpheus 1200mm ceiling fan for its attractive design and affordable price. While acknowledging that the looks are not extravagant, they find them good enough for the price point. The fan’s affordability and decent aesthetic make it a popular choice among users seeking a balance between cost and appearance.

Our Verdict

Priced under 1300, the LUMINOUS Morpheus 1200mm emerges as one of the best ceiling fans in India for 2024. Its appealing design and commendable performance make it a top choice, offering a perfect balance between affordability and functionality.

10. Orient Electric I Tome Energy Saving Ceiling Fan with Remote

10. Orient Electric I Tome Energy Saving Ceiling Fan with Remote

At the tail end of our product lineup comes the Orient Electric I Tome 1200mm – a smart and stylish fan. With its energy-saving motor (only 26W!), it’s kind on your bills. Quick and breezy at 370 RPM, it’s the buddy your room needs.

The remote is a magic wand – 5 speeds, quick chill Boost, and a timer (2 to 8 hours). No worries about voltage with the steady Inverter Stabilization Technology (120 to 280 V).

Looks? It’s a style star in gold with three 1200mm blades. Easy setup, but fancier tools would be nice. A bit of wobble on bumpy ceilings at max speed, but just a quirky dance move.

In a nutshell, the Orient Electric I Tome 1200mm isn’t just a fan; it’s an upgrade for your home – smart, stylish, and breezy.

Stunning gold finish adds luxurySlight wobble at highest speed on uneven ceilings
Impressive air delivery at all speeds
Whisper-quiet BLDC motor
Convenient and user-friendly remote

What Customers Say About This Ceiling Fan

People are loving the Orient Electric I Tome! They’re saying it’s not only super efficient but also a style statement with its futuristic design and premium look. The remote control is getting a thumbs up for being super convenient. Now, there’s a tiny note – a few folks mention a bit of noise from the fan. It’s not a huge deal, but if you’re all about that silent serenity, it’s good to know. Overall, it’s still winning hearts for its efficiency and sleek appearance.

Our Verdict

Summing it up, the Orient Electric I Tome 1200mm is a solid pick for a stylish and effective fan. However, if absolute quiet is a top priority, you might want to consider quieter options. Overall, it’s a good choice for a cool and classy upgrade.


In the realm of best ceiling fan in India 2024, the Atomberg Renesa takes the crown for its energy efficiency and trusted brand status. Followed closely by contenders like Orient Electric, Crompton, and Havells, each fan brings its unique blend of style and functionality to the table. Whether it’s the Atomberg Renesa’s award-winning performance, the Orient Electric I Tome’s sleek gold finish, or the budget-friendly appeal of the LUMINOUS Morpheus, there’s a fan for every need and preference. In the race for the best ceiling fan in India 2024, these top 10 contenders showcase a variety of features, ensuring a cool and stylish upgrade for your living space.

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